Monday, 29 October 2018

Dogs at the beach!

Hey guys this will be about a story about dogs at the beach as you can see the title.But this story is actually made by me so yeah hope you guys enjoy reading my story about dogs at the beach.It was challenging because I didn't think of interesting words so I used the padlet. My next steps is to use more punctuation . This is a screenshot by the way.

Thursday, 25 October 2018


Hello bloggers so this will be about what would we need for camp on November the 2nd.This is  a image of me and my 2 buddy's Andrea and sina made.If you are thinking about towels there will be no showers the whole day we are there.!!!!


Hey guys its me Lillian and on Tuesday after the labour holiday we went to the love lock track so the teachers can pick who is going to make it in athletics.I remember when year 5´s did relays is to when someone is running with the stick make sure you do a  V  with you hand /arm.After we did a few games we ate our food.What was challenging was because I make it in sometimes I use too much energy.But what was fun about it was I got to try new sports. After doing a lot of good work we all went back to school.By the way thank you all teachers for making us try new games.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Hey guys welcome back to my blog.Today I will be telling you about how my day was at the zoo and what I learned at the zoo.I saw A giraffes and zebras when you first go in.We saw this book that can tell kind of history of giraffes.In the book it said that there were only some giraffes with yellow fur on there backs .I also learned that ostriches are the largest birds.So yahh!!! thats what I learned BYEEEE!!!!!!!!! Blog ya later.!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Dont mess with the future!!!

HI BLOG!!! Today i am going to show you my film festival video with my 3 friends Toe'umu,Anaseini,and angelica.This was very challenging because we had to do different angels.I chose this because I thought we did a great job and tried our best.I liked this because we had a lot of fun.Our next steps is to do more angels.ENJOY!!!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

100 word challenge

Hi blog today I am posting something new today.A few days ago we did a 100 word challenge.As you can see on the room 3 blog there's john 100 word challenge.This was challenging because we were only aloud to do 100 words not 101 or 99 only 100 word.