Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Guess what am I Describing?

Hello everybody on my blog it me Lillian and as you can see this title is says Guess what am I Describing and if you have seen my other blog post it was describing a dinosaur so That blog post I told you What I am Describing  witch was a dinosaur but know I made another one but this time you have to try and guess what I'm trying to describe.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Report for Life Jackets.

Title : Life Jackets New Zealand Maritime Museum

Do you know how to use a life jacket? 
Learning how to use a life jacket is very important because one day it might actually save your life. Life jackets could help you when you are on boat or on accidents. Many people have drowned by not wearing a life jacket that is why it is very serious to wear a life jacket on a boat.

How can a life jacket save your life when you are drowning?
Life jackets could save you by a lot of types of things but people say that a Life jacket can float well life jackets cant just make you float it could keep your head up the water and make you see easier and properly.

Describing a Dinosaur.

Hello Its me Lillian Like always cause this is my Blog and today for writing we had to describe a dinosaur witch was what we had to do and we had to use this website : and if you know how to use this website this is mine but describing a dinosaur:
Thanks I know this is Little but we just had to post it on our blog.!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Important Safety Information - Maritime Museum Poster!

Hello Its me Lillian and as you can see this blog post will be about Important Safety Information for the Maritime Museum. I had a buddy named Gladys and she helped me obviously cause she is my buddy and she helped me with the poster. This is a Image of our poster. Sadly as you can see we did not finish.
So here is it!