Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Blade Runner 2049

Hey Bloggers Its me Lillian obviously because you are on my blog but anyways this blog post will be about me thinking about what will the future in 900 years from now would look like.
For the roads I think they would make roads to New Zealand to another country closer to New Zealand. Maybe for the foods they would be new foods that people discovered like now that's why when we look back in years ago the food might be different from the food now.For the homes maybe the style will change but maybe when people know the style back then maybe they can mix the style from back then with the style for the house they made.
Thanks guys for reading I know this is little but comment down bellow what would you guys think.BYE!


  1. hey lillian its me sydney and I did the same thing and thats really cool how you explained what you think the future will be bye

    1. Hi Sydney its me Lillian its really cool that we actually got the same idea.Thank you for commenting.BYE!!