Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Poem for teachers that are leaving!

Hello all teachers and children if you are new my name is Lillian and this blog post will be a poem for all teachers that are leaving there school next year or this and because I am doing this is because my teacher from Wesley primary school will be leaving school next year and if that teacher is reading this I hope he gets a safe trip and this is for you !!!!!!!.

T is for teaching us everyday even though you didn't feel well
E is for Explaining everything when we are stuck
A is for agree with everything we say
C is for crying when you leave us 
H is for handsome every time we see you in the start of the day
E is for excellent every time you make us laugh
R is for Responsible every time your at school.

This is for Mr Margetts my teacher and he is the best teacher I ever had but this is also for all the teachers that are leaving their school next year like my teacher. !BYE!


  1. Thanks Lillian, great acrostic poem!

  2. Hey Lilian this was a great poem! I like how your poem actaly made sense. It is always hard to make a poem make sense for me. Because sometimes you have to ryme words and does cat and bat make sense nope. But Mr Margetts is the best teacher ever LOL(laugh out loud). Next time.. This was one of the best blog post, so the is no next time. here is my blog( and my classes blog( Bye thanks for reading.