Thursday, 14 June 2018

The day we went to look at our hupara

Hello blog I am back sorry for not posting on my blog but today's a lucky day cause I get to tell you about the hupara opening. First we were painting on our hupara(Log).After we finished painting we represented it to owairaka school and intermidiate school.After we all represented our hupara we finally got to have a walk and we got to go to the park .When we got there we saw our hupara and these huge logs and we also got to play.After that we came back to school with happiness .We came back and we got to eat and have a feed.The End hope you guys like my story Bye!!! Have a good day.This is one of the pictures at the park!!


  1. Hey there Lillian, my name is Anuk and I am from the Manukau class at Waikowhai Primary School, It looks like you guys had fun painting your Hupara, I've never made one before! This reminds me of group art we have done at Waikowhai Primary! I was wondering, why did you make the Hupara for Owairaka School? Maybe next time you could add more pictures of the Hupara, I'd love to see it up close!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post, I look forward to reading more from you! If you'd like to check out my blog, head to:


  2. Hi Lillian I like how you told us alot of details and I like how you added a photo to it too. I don´t think you had any mistacks for me but anyways have to go blog you later

  3. Hi lillian I really like the way you exposed your love and passion for our hupara log. It reminded me of a time I painted a log the koro stands for our old principal that passed away. Maybe work on your writing. If you want to see my blog here it is.