Thursday, 5 July 2018

10 facts about me!

Hello wonder people out there today i will be doing 10 fun facts about me.So This is a photo of ME!

1.I love to play Football (soccer) at school
2.My best friends are Gladys,Isabel,Toeúmu and Anaseini
3.My favorite subject is math and mostly art
4.I love dont homework
5.I sometimes play soccer with my neighbors
6.I really like going on chromebooks more than books
7.My favorite food is noodles
8.I like cleaning 
9.I sometimes love playing basketball
10.I like reusing stuff when i have an idea
Thanks for reading 10 facts about me blog you later bye!


  1. Hey Lillian its me Danielle and i really liked your 10 fun facts. The one thing i liked about this is that i didn´t just read and get board i actcly rea the hole thing with intrest. Thanks for reading blog ya later!!

  2. Kia ora Lillian I really enjoyed reading your 10 interesting facts about yourself. I really like fact number 1, 10, 3, 8 and fact number 2! Also I love the subject maths and art too! You might remember me as your old best friend too.

    Ka pai Lillian!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi lillian,

    Its me Toeumu (your Bestie) I really like how you told people and i what we didn't know about you. This reminds me of my post did i did like this. Maybe next time you could say what was challenging. Blog you later.