Friday, 28 December 2018

Want to learn how to Draw?

Hey guys its me and Its holidays right and I hope all of you guys are having a good holiday. So today I was so bored and all what I can think of things that will make me get in trouble Example : I want to play with some slime but the slime is already sticked to things in the house so I cant do that so I just came on my Chromebook and searched things to do when your bored and this video popped up some drawing so these are the drawings that was interesting for me to draw.If you would like to draw one of these drawings press this Remember use the time that I wrote next to the word video on my drawings .I only drew 3 pictures of the drawing and those pictures gave me 3 levels. The 3 levels is Easy, Medium and Impossible. These are the drawings.Oh and by the way I will be showing a picture of the drawing in the video and another picture of the drawing that I drew so here it is. . .
Easy :                                   Video 0: 25


Medium :
Video 0 : 45


Impossible :
Video 10 : 55

Comment down below witch one do you like and I DID NOT chrase it on my Chromebook BTW !!!!!!!!! BYEE!! Blog ya later!


  1. Hi Lillian these drawing were super duper awesome did you draw these if you did you are an artist. From Danielle Wesley primary school!! HERES MY BLOG( bye

    1. OMG Hi Danielle Its me Lillian technically I did draw a few of them but thank you so much for commenting on my blog even thought its new years holiday. Im sure A few of your friends will miss you in intermediate and a great Year BYE!!!