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One mistake 2

Hey guys if you have seen my other post its called One mistake 1 but this one is part 2 but hope you guys like it.But this story was not only made by me and Luseane we added a friend named Gladys so yea.The challenging thing was we really had to use collaborate with each other. Our next steps is always to make sure you take a deep breath when your reading. Quote : Make sure you dont just write it down but imagine it in your head.Hope you guys like it .

7 years later . . .
The thing that was not  OK was that the lady that adopted the baby was abandoned from the
town so she wouldn’t come out of her apartment because she is scared that they would hurt her
daughter. So she wouldn’t come out of her house. So the reason she wouldn’t go out  was
because the mom was abandoned from that place the daughter was only allowed to go outside
and get their food. Everyday the daughter wouldn’t disappoint the mum but then one day all
of a sudden came . . .

A really loud knock on the door! So quickly the mum hid and told her husband to answer the
door and then… he opened the door and it was the old lady that was chasing them
7 years ago! She works at the hotel and so then the husband didn’t know who she was and let
her in to clean. Soon the mum felt really worried because her daughter had just went to
get food from the store. And she was scared that if the daughter came home the old lady
might recognize her so then the daughter came and she realized something. The lady looked
familiar so she quickly ran!

The daughter ran as fast as she could into the woods! She was scared to go back so she
carried on running with the food. Then she got hungry so she sat down and ate a bit
of bread that was in the basket. While she was eating she was thinking about her mother.
And thinking about where she was. She was too scared to go back again so she kept going
even though  her family was there. She wanted to go back but all of a sudden she noticed she
was lost. She ran back into the woods and saw the house. She was looking at the old lady
through the window. And was wondering who she was. She ran back to where she got lost
and all of a sudden. . .

The lady popped out of nowhere “Ahhhhh! you gave me a fright” she said.
“You look familiar’’ the lady said. The girl just stood there and said “Hi my name is Emma”
she said. Emma didn’t know what to do so she remained calm and started talking with her
walking the way home after Emma told her that she was lost. They were finally home and
then the daughter pretended that she lived somewhere else cause she didn’t want any harm
but when they were talking to each other she found out she was a kind lady. But when Emma
came home the mum told her that she wanted to tell her something important.

The mum told her calmly that Emma was adopted by her in the forest. Emma had a shocked
face and shouted at her mother that adopted her “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT!”.
Emma started to run with her eyes filled with tears. She went to the place where she got lost
again. She sits down and starts sobbing even louder. She was thinking about that lady too
much that she stopped sobbing and the lady appeared in front of her.

“Why are you here” said the lady. “I am here because my mum just told me I am adopted in
this forest. The lady felt sad for her and remembered her memory came back to her.
She suddenly remembered that her daughter was Emma. And she remembered that her name
is Emily. Emma asked the lady “What is your name?”. The lady said “My name is Emily and...”.
Emma got goosebumps “What is it?” Emma said. Emily just remembered the day when she
got taken away from her daughter. Emily doesn’t know what her daughters name is because
she never had seen her or named her.

Emma asked “What would you have named your daughter if you kept her?”. Emily said
“Uhh… Emma. I would name her Emma” She said confidently. Emma was shocked.
Emma asked “Why did you choose Emma”. Emily said “I don't know cause I lost my baby in
this forest and someone hiding in the woods took her so I chased them but then I didn’t want to
get lost so I went away crying cause i missed my baby and thats how it is”. Emma asked “How
many years did you lose her?”. Emily said “8 or 7 years I think. And also why are you asking
these personal questions to me?”. . .

Emma shouted “BECAUSE I AM YOUR DAUGHTER!?”. “How?” said Emily. “Because you
said that you lost your baby for 7 years and I am 7 years old.” said Emma. “Where is the girl
that adopted you” asked Emily. “She lives at this hotel.” said Emma. Emma took Emily where
her mother lived in the woods.

What do you think will happen?
Check out Part 3 for more

Authors : Luseane Malakai, Gladys Pulepule, Lillian Akeli

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