Thursday, 29 November 2018

One mistake!

Hey guys if you guys seen my other post Never been seen I'm going to tell another story that I made with my other friend Luseane. The challenging thing to do was not just to add vocabulary but add interesting words.

Once there was a lonely girl that lived in the woods. She was so lonely that she would always want some
one beside her. One morning she reached out and stretched her arm. She could feel the bright shiny sun
rising on her. She got her basket and went for a walk to look for her breakfast. When she was walking
alone she heard this suspicious voice that sounded  like a baby crying!? She ran as fast as she could
where she was hearing the voice of a child. When she heard that the baby stopped crying she stopped
running and looked around her but she could only hear the voice of a baby rumbling under the woods.

So she decided to look around she couldn’t really see much because of the bright sun! But every time
she took a step she could hear the babies voice getting closer and closer. While walking she can hear
something crumbling!? It sounded like  someone was laughing while playing with leaves. She feels excited
and terrified at the same time. At this very moment she is thinking “should i go closer or stay away?”. For
some reason she felt like God was giving her a sign that this could be that someone she’s always wanted
beside her! So she listens to her heart and gets closer as she sees the most beautiful creature ever!

But it didn’t look like an ugly stinky creature it looked like the most beautiful thing she ever saw!.
But then she heard a lady shout! She got the baby and put it carefully in the basket  trying not to make
a sound. She ran as fast as she could to her home. When she arrived at her home she put the basket down
and looked at the baby while the baby was looking around the place. The girl decided to make it as her
own baby so she got her 2 hands and moved it around the baby. There was light coming out of her hand
and going around the baby. The girl that found the baby her mother was a witch  not a bad witch but a
good witch and the witch gave her daughter power.

The witch was horrified! She was imagining what would happen if she got caught she was taking a really
big risk. As she is giving the baby power the baby is crying! She tries to tell the baby to be quiet but giving
someone powers actually could hurt you and the person your giving it to. Next she looks outside and sees
the old lady and she hides in a tree hut with some old greasy spider webs. She is so frightened she has no
idea what to do! Soon the lady walks past trying to figure out where they are. All you could hear is the
lady with the baby breathing heavily! As she is breathing the old lady thinks that she heard a cry but the
baby was quiet the whole time. While the lady with the baby was holding the babies mouth she said hello
loudly and the lady didn’t hear. Then she quickly moved her hand from the babies mouth and the baby
was crying in pain but the  old lady couldn’t hear! From that moment she had just realized the lady was deaf and she left quickly what a great plan!

While she was running with the baby she ran somewhere, where the lady wouldn’t find them.’’Maybe she came from the town’’ The girl asked herself.When she ran she didn’t know where to go the only thing she thought was where to go is the town with people.She lived in the woods because she was abandoned from there years ago with her mother that's why she was in the forest but when they were living in the forest the mum died that is why the girl was lonely. And here she is ,in a undecided plan.The girl didn’t know where to go but she could hear the lady getting closer and closer.So the girl ran to the street to go to the town. The girl didn’t want anyone from the town now so they went to this house that wasn’t far from the town.
7 years later . . .

Now the baby is 7 years old and they live in a nice small apartment. Luckily the lady found a wonderful man that is now her husband! And together they raised the baby to be a nice loyal girl!But this is not the end!
Part 2 coming up in a few days!.

Authors : Lillian Akeli and Luseane Malakai

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